Biosynthesis of adrenal corticosteroids by the sesterterpene pathway via 23,24-dinor-4-cholen-3-one.

  title={Biosynthesis of adrenal corticosteroids by the sesterterpene pathway via 23,24-dinor-4-cholen-3-one.},
  author={Alexander D. Tait and L. C. Hodge and Deborah J. Abbs},
  journal={Journal of steroid biochemistry},
  volume={34 1-6},

Heterodox notions on pathways of steroidogenesis.

The proposition that the true intermediates in the biosynthetic processes leading to the formation of the steroid hormones are enzyme-bound, transient species that proceed from precursor to hormonal products by means of concerted reacceleration is examined.

Biosynthesis of androgens by the sesterterpene pathway via 23,24-dinor-4-cholen-3-one

  • A. Tait
  • Chemistry, Biology
    The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • 1992



Adrenal androgen biosynthesis by a sesterpene pathway.

Gas chromatographic and gas chromatographic/tandem mass spectrometric characterization of precursors on the sesterterpene pathway for steroid biosynthesis.

The present findings that sesterterpene pathway intermediates are present as endogenous compounds in tissue extracts, together with the previously reported radiochemical data, give further support to the sesterTERPene pathway hypothesis.

The effect of ether anaesthesia stress on cholesterol-side-chain cleavage and cytochrome P450 in rat-adrenal mitochondria.

It is proposed that the acute effect of stress, mediated by adrenocorticotrophin, is to increase the proportion of mitochondrial cholesterol in the readily available form perhaps by an increase in the rate of transport or binding of cholesterol to sites from which it can be readily metabolised.

Pathophysiology of deoxycorticosterone-secreting adrenal tumors.

The dissociation of 17-deoxysteroids from cortisol in normal subjects given either dexamethasone or DOC acetate provides additional evidence for such a factor.

Direct stimulation of the adrenal cortex by interleukin-1.

IL-1 increases rat serum corticosterone levels, IL-1 directly stimulates the adrenal cortex, and the stimulation may be mediated through prostaglandin synthesis.