Biosynthesis of Medium-chain-length Poly(hydroxyalkanoates) from Soy Molasses

  title={Biosynthesis of Medium-chain-length Poly(hydroxyalkanoates) from Soy Molasses},
  author={Daniel K. Y. Solaiman and Richard D. Ashby and Arland T. Hotchkiss and Thomas A. Foglia},
  journal={Biotechnology Letters},
Pseudomonas corrugata was selected from a screening process for the bioconversion of inexpensive soy molasses into medium-chain-length poly(hydroxyalkanoates) (mcl-PHA). We obtained yields of 1.5 g cell dry weight (CDW)/l culture with growth medium supplemented with 2% (w/v) soy molasses, and of an average of 3.4 g CDW/l with 5% (w/v) soy molasses. Crude PHAs were obtained at 5–17% of CDW. The most prominent repeat-unit monomers in the PHAs were 3-hydroxydodecanoate, 3-hydroxyoctanoate, 3… CONTINUE READING