Biosynthesis of 2-phenylethanol using tobacco waste as feedstock

  title={Biosynthesis of 2-phenylethanol using tobacco waste as feedstock},
  author={Qian Wang and Yufeng Song and Yirong Jin and Haobao Liu and Haibo Zhang and Yuhe Sun and Guanshan Liu},
2-Phenylethanol (2-PE) is an aromatic alcohol with a rose-like odour, which is widely used in the food, drink and cosmetic industry. It also present in cigarette aromas. As a unique renewable biomass, tobacco contains abundant aromatic compounds, but is rarely used as a feedstock for synthesizing bio-based products. In this study, it was found that 2-PE can be produced from tobacco waste by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Plackett-Burman design, steepest ascent design and Box-Behnken designs were… CONTINUE READING

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