Biosynthese flüchtiger Amine durch eine Amin-Transaminase in Blütenpflanzen

  title={Biosynthese fl{\"u}chtiger Amine durch eine Amin-Transaminase in Bl{\"u}tenpflanzen},
  author={Maximilian Steiner and Tim Hartmann and D. D{\"o}nges and Eckhard Bast},

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Studies on the Biochemical Formation Pathway of the Amino Acid l-Theanine in Tea (Camellia sinensis) and Other Plants.
This work compares l-theanine contents between C. sinensis and other plant species and uses a stable isotope labeling approach to elucidate its biosynthetic route and quantifies relevant intermediates and metabolites by mass spectrometry.
Ideas and perspectives: on the emission of amines from terrestrial vegetation in the context of new atmospheric particle formation
Abstract. In this article we summarise recent science which shows how airborne amines, specifically methylamines (MAs), play a key role in new atmospheric particle formation (NPF) by stabilising
Interactive comment on “Ideas and Perspectives: On the emission of amines from terrestrial vegetation in the context of atmospheric new particle formation” by J. Sintermann and A. Neftel
This paper presents interesting idea about closing the gap between current knowledge on amine emissions and its surpisingly important role in new particle formation. The vegetation-generated amines
Occurrence, Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Theanine (γ-Glutamyl-L-ethylamide) in Plants: A Comprehensive Review
  • H. Ashihara
  • Environmental Science
    Natural product communications
  • 2015
Theanine (γ-glutamyl-L-ethylamide) is the most abundant non-protein amino acid in tea leaves and occurs in several plants belonging to the Ericales.
On the emission of amines from terrestrial vegetation in the context of atmospheric new particle formation
Introduction Conclusions References
Investigation of organic bases in the specific odour of casein and coprecipitate during storage
Casein and coprecipitate (milk protein concentrate) are rational to use in food technology. In that case sensory properties of milk protein concentrates are very important. During storage of casein


Untersuchungen über die flüchtigen amine der pflanzen
Das zweckentsprechend weiter entwickelte Identifizierungsverfahren über die 2,4-Dinitro-α-naphthol-Salze der Amine wurde ein papierchromatographisches VerFahren entwickelt.
Zur Biogenese Flüchtiger Amine Beim Mutterkorn-Pilz Claviceps Purpurea
Summary1.Washed mycelium of saprophytically grown Claviceps purpurea decarboxylates L-leucine, but not D-leucine, to iso-amylamine. The reaction was established in an experiment using 14C-labeled