Biosurfactants from urban green waste.

  title={Biosurfactants from urban green waste.},
  author={Enzo Montoneri and Vittorio Boffa and Piero Savarino and Daniele G Perrone and Giorgia Elena Musso and Raniero Mendichi and Michele R Chierotti and Roberto Gobetto},
  volume={2 3},
From waste came forth surfactants: Humic acid like substances isolated from 0-60 day-old compost display excellent surface activity and solvent properties. These biosurfactants were used to solubilize a dye in water below and above their critical micellar concentration. The biosurfactant unimers appear to have higher dye-solubilizing power than the corresponding micelles.Humic acid like substances isolated from compost show potential as chemical auxiliaries. In the present study, three… CONTINUE READING