Biosurfactant technology for remediation of cadmium and lead contaminated soils.

  title={Biosurfactant technology for remediation of cadmium and lead contaminated soils.},
  author={Asha Ashok Juwarkar and Anupa Nair and Kirti V. Dubey and Sanjeev Kumar Singh and Sukumar Devotta},
  volume={68 10},
This research focuses on column experiments conducted to evaluate the potential of environmentally compatible rhamnolipid biosurfactant produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain BS2 to remove heavy metals (Cd and Pb) from artificially contaminated soil. Results have shown that di-rhamnolipid removes not only the leachable or available fraction of Cd and Pb but also the bound metals as compared to tap water which removed the mobile fraction only. Washing of contaminated soil with tap water… CONTINUE READING
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