Biosurfactant production and use in oil tank clean-up.

  title={Biosurfactant production and use in oil tank clean-up.},
  author={Ibrahim M Banat and N Samarah and Moazzam Murad and Robert Horne and Swagato Banerjee},
  journal={World journal of microbiology & biotechnology},
  volume={7 1},
A proprietary bacterial strain (Pet 1006) produced biosurfactants when grown on both glucose and an immiscible hydrocarbon as carbon sources. Pilot-plant-scale (1500 I) production gave, on repeated batch runs, 2 tonnes of culture broth containing active biosurfactant. The product was used as a substitute for chemical surfactants in a clean-up demonstration test carried out by Cargo Fleet Chemical Company Ltd. (UK) on an oil storage tank belonging to Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait. The clean-up was… CONTINUE READING

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