Biosorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions by chemically modified orange peel.

  title={Biosorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions by chemically modified orange peel.},
  author={Ningchuan Feng and Xueyi Guo and Sha Liang and Yanshu Zhu and Jian-Ping Liu},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={185 1},
Equilibrium, thermodynamic and kinetic studies were carried out for the biosorption of Pb(2+), Cd(2+) and Ni(2+) ions from aqueous solution using the grafted copolymerization-modified orange peel (OPAA). Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models were applied to describe the biosorption of the metal ions onto OPAA. The influences of pH and contact time of solution on the biosorption were studied. Langmuir model fitted the equilibrium data better than the Freundlich isotherm. According to the… CONTINUE READING


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