Biosorption of heavy metals by a marine bacterium.


Heavy metal chelation property of exopolysaccharide produced by Enterobacter cloaceae, a marine bacterium, isolated from the West Coast of India, is reported in this paper. The exopolysaccharide demonstrated excellent chelating properties with respect to cadmium (65%) followed by copper (20%) and cobalt (8%) at 100 mg/l heavy metal concentration. However, it could not chelate mercury. A comparative study of the percentage biosorption of the above mentioned metals is presented here.

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@article{Iyer2005BiosorptionOH, title={Biosorption of heavy metals by a marine bacterium.}, author={Anita Iyer and Kalpana H Mody and Bhavanath Jha}, journal={Marine pollution bulletin}, year={2005}, volume={50 3}, pages={340-3} }