Biosonar navigation above water II: exploiting mirror images.


As in vision, acoustic signals can be reflected by a smooth surface creating an acoustic mirror image. Water bodies represent the only naturally occurring horizontal and acoustically smooth surfaces. Echolocating bats flying over smooth water bodies encounter echo-acoustic mirror images of objects above the surface. Here, we combined an electrophysiological… (More)
DOI: 10.1152/jn.00264.2014


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@article{Genzel2015BiosonarNA, title={Biosonar navigation above water II: exploiting mirror images.}, author={Daria Genzel and Susanne Hoffmann and Selina Prosch and Uwe Firzlaff and Lutz Wiegrebe}, journal={Journal of neurophysiology}, year={2015}, volume={113 4}, pages={1146-55} }