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Biosensory proteinowe i ich właściwości fluorescencyjne

  title={Biosensory proteinowe i ich właściwości fluorescencyjne},
  author={Aleksandra Klos-Witkowska},



Study of ProtoPorphyrin IX Elimination by Body Excreta: A new Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostic Method?

The results showed a noninvasive, simple, rapid and sensitive method to detect cancer by feces analysis, and large amounts of PPIX in the excreta of animals with cancer comparing with healthy animals.

Sensory chemiczne i biosensory w kontroli zywnosci zmodyfikowanej genetycznie

The research on electrochemical biosensors based on nucleic acids hybridization and the perspectives these tools create are summarized.

Potencjał aplikacyjny biosensorów mikrobiologicznych

Current trends in biosensors technology have been directing to creation more sensitive and flexible genetic constructs for simultaneous biomonitoring cytotoxic and genotoxic action of analyzed samples, and trends for creation of more robust genetic construct for bacterial biosensor are also discussed.

Biosensors and biochips: advances in biological and medical diagnostics

An overview of the various types of biosensors and biochips that have been developed for biological and medical applications, along with significant advances over the last several years in these technologies are provided.