Biosensors for detection of mercury in contaminated soils.

  title={Biosensors for detection of mercury in contaminated soils.},
  author={Ibolya Bontidean and Alessia Mortari and Suzanne Leth and Nigel L. Brown and Ulrich Karlson and Martin M\ork Larsen and Jaco Vangronsveld and Philippe Corbisier and Elisabeth Cs{\"o}regi},
  journal={Environmental pollution},
  volume={131 2},
Biosensors based on whole bacterial cells and on bacterial heavy metal binding protein were used to determine the mercury concentration in soil. The soil samples were collected in a vegetable garden accidentally contaminated with elemental mercury 25 years earlier. Bioavailable mercury was measured using different sensors: a protein-based biosensor, a whole bacterial cell based biosensor, and a plant sensor, i.e. morphological and biochemical responses in primary leaves and roots of bean… CONTINUE READING