Bios data analyzer.

  title={Bios data analyzer.},
  author={Hector Sabelli and A A Sugerman and Ljiljana V Kovacevic and Lynnette Kauffman and Linnea L. Carlson-Sabelli and Monica Patel and Janusz Konecki},
  journal={Nonlinear dynamics, psychology, and life sciences},
  volume={9 4},
The Bios Data Analyzer (BDA) is a set of computer programs (CD-ROM, in Sabelli et al., Bios. A Study of Creation, 2005) for new time series analyses that detects and measures creative phenomena, namely diversification, novelty, complexes, nonrandom complexity. We define a process as creative when its time series displays these properties. They are found in heartbeat interval series, the exemplar of bios .just as turbulence is the exemplar of chaos, in many other empirical series (galactic… CONTINUE READING