Bioresorbable scaffolds in the treatment of coronary artery disease

  title={Bioresorbable scaffolds in the treatment of coronary artery disease},
  author={Yaojun Zhang and Christos V. Bourantas and Vasim Farooq and Takashi Muramatsu and Roberto Diletti and Yoshinobu Onuma and H. M. Garcia-Garcia and Patrick W Serruys},
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Drug-eluting stents have reduced the risk of in-stent restenosis and have broadened the application in percutaneous coronary intervention in coronary artery disease. However, the concept of using a permanent metallic endovascular device to restore the patency of a stenotic artery has inherited pitfalls, namely the presence of a foreign body within the artery causing vascular inflammation, late complications such as restenosis and stent thrombosis, and impeding the restoration of the physiologic… CONTINUE READING