Bioremediation of diesel-oil-contaminated alpine soils at low temperatures

  title={Bioremediation of diesel-oil-contaminated alpine soils at low temperatures},
  author={Rosa Margesin and Franz Schinner},
  journal={Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology},
Bioremediation of two diesel-oil-contaminated alpine subsoils, differing in soil type and bedrock, was investigated in laboratory experiments at 10 °C after supplementation with an inorganic fertilizer. Initial diesel oil contamination of 4000 mg kg−1 soil dry matter (dm) was reduced to 380–400 mg kg−1 dm after 155 days of incubation. In both soils, about 30 % of the diesel oil contamination (1200 mg kg−1 dm) was eliminated by abiotic processes. The residual decontamination (60 %–65 %) could be… CONTINUE READING