Biophysical and morphological leaf adaptations to drought and salinity in salt marsh grasses

  title={Biophysical and morphological leaf adaptations to drought and salinity in salt marsh grasses},
  author={Brian R. Maricle and Douglas R. Cobos and Colin S. Campbell},
Leaf energy budgets were constructed for 13 species of estuarine C4 grasses (Poaceae) to elucidate the biophysical effects of drought and salinity on the interception and dissipation of solar energy. Spartina alterniflora, S. anglica, S. argentinensis, S. bakeri, S. cynosuroides, S. densiflora, S. foliosa, S. foliosa × S. alterniflora hybrids, S. gracilis, S. patens, S. pectinata, S. spartinae, and Distichlis spicata plants were grown under controlled soil water potential gradients in a… CONTINUE READING
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