Biophysical Characterization of Polysialic Acid—Membrane Nanosystems

  title={Biophysical Characterization of Polysialic Acid—Membrane Nanosystems},
  author={Karolina Sapoń and Teresa Janas and Tadeusz Janas},
Polysialic acid (polySia) is a long, membrane-bound, polyanionic polymer (with the degree of polymerization, DP, up to 400) of negatively charged sialic acid monomers. Biological roles of polySia are based on its ability to modulate repulsive and attractive interactions, and its ability to modulate membrane surface charge density, pH at the membrane surface, and membrane potentials. PolySia is used in anti-bacterial and anti-cancer therapies, and in neural tissue repair. Hydrophobically… CONTINUE READING

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