Biomolecular detection with a thin membrane transducer.

  title={Biomolecular detection with a thin membrane transducer.},
  author={Misun Cha and Jaeha Shin and J M Kim and Ilchaek Kim and Junbo Choi and Nahum Lee and Byung-Gee Kim and Junghoon Lee},
  journal={Lab on a chip},
  volume={8 6},
We present a thin membrane transducer (TMT) that can detect nucleic acid based biomolecular reactions including DNA hybridization and protein recognition by aptamers. Specific molecular interactions on an extremely thin and flexible membrane surface cause the deflection of the membrane due to surface stress change which can be measured by a compact capacitive circuit. A gold-coated thin PDMS membrane assembled with metal patterned glass substrate is used to realize the capacitive detection. It… CONTINUE READING
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