Biomineralization of an organophosphorus pesticide, Monocrotophos, by soil bacteria.

  title={Biomineralization of an organophosphorus pesticide, Monocrotophos, by soil bacteria.},
  author={Bharati J. Bhadbhade and Seema S. Sarnaik and Pradnya Pralhad Kanekar},
  journal={Journal of applied microbiology},
  volume={93 2},
AIMS To study biomineralization of Monocrotophos (MCP) and identify the metabolites formed during biodegradation. METHODS AND RESULTS Two cultures, namely Arthrobacter atrocyaneus MCM B-425 and Bacillus megaterium MCM B-423, were isolated by enrichment and adaptation culture technique from soil exposed to MCP. The isolates were able to degrade MCP to the extent of 93% and 83%, respectively, from synthetic medium containing MCP at the concentration of 1000 mg x l(-1), within 8 d, under shake… CONTINUE READING


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