Biometric identification

  title={Biometric identification},
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W A LT ER S IP SE R For this reason, more and more organizations are looking to automated identity authentication systems to improve customer satisfaction and operating efficiency as well as to save critical resources (see Figure 1). Furthermore, as people become more connected electronically, the ability to achieve a highly accurate automatic personal identification system is substantially more critical [5]. Personal identification is the process of associating a particular individual with an… Expand
Embedded System for Biometric Identification
Biometrics refers to automatic identification of a person based on his or her physiological or behavioral characteristics which provide a reliable and secure user authentication for the increasedExpand
IBM research report: Biometrics 101
This document studies the many aspects of biometric applications that are an issue even before a particular biometrics has been selected; it further studies many issues that are associated with the currently popular biometric identifiers, namely, finger, face, voice, iris, hand (geometry) and signature. Expand
Evaluating current authentication methods: Prediction of a more suitable authentication approach for public interaction
The trend in information technology is towards achieving ubiquitous service rendering where barriers (geographical, time) in getting information related services will be eliminated. A good exampleExpand
Audio Voice Authentication ( November 2004 )
In this present day of vast technological advances that demand the highest security possible to protect legitimate users and their data from impostors, current security technologies may not prove toExpand
Biometric Technologies in Recognition Systems: A Survey
A comprehensive overview have been provided on the major issues of biometrics including general biometric system architecture, major biometric traits, biometric systems performance, and some relevant works. Expand
Secure Network Authentication Based on Biometric National Identification Number
This paper present a proposed authentication system based on fingerprint as biometric type and some of static credential personal information such as name and birth date. The system generate a UniqueExpand
Biometrics as a Security System-An Overview
Biometrics are an important and widely used method for identityverification and accesscontrol for providing in today’s growing computing world.A biometrics is in general term used to describe aExpand
A Reliable Technique for Personal Identification or Verification
The objective is to design a fingerprint-based biometric system which is capable of achieving a fully automatic "personal identification" with a high level of confidence based on fuzzy sets in real time. Expand
Understanding user perspectives on biometric technology
Biometric technologies are not without problems and come with their fair share of concerns, but many of the technology’s obstacles are based on attitudes and behaviors, related to user acceptance, trust, habits, etc., ultimately presenting a greater challenge for implementation. Expand
Security and usability assessment of several authentication technologies
In todays modern society, users have certain requirements to technology. They want to be able to access systems and perform tasks regardless of time and location. The problem that arises is how oneExpand


An identity-authentication system using fingerprints
The design and implementation of a prototype automatic identity-authentication system that uses fingerprints to authenticate the identity of an individual is described and an improved minutiae-extraction algorithm is developed that is faster and more accurate than the earlier algorithm. Expand
Identity Authentication Using Fingerprints
The design and implementation of an automatic identity authentication system which uses fingerprint to establish the identity of an individual is described and an alignment-based elastic matching algorithm has been developed. Expand
Vital signs of identity [biometrics]
Biometrics is emerging as the most foolproof method of automated personal identification in demand in an ever more automated world. Biometric systems are automated methods of verifying or recognizingExpand
Biometrics, Personal Identification in Networked Society: Personal Identification in Networked Society
From the Publisher: Biometrics: Personal Identification in Networked Society is a comprehensive and accessible source of state-of-the-art information on all existing and emerging biometrics: theExpand
High Confidence Visual Recognition of Persons by a Test of Statistical Independence
  • J. Daugman
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell.
  • 1993
A method for rapid visual recognition of personal identity is described, based on the failure of a statistical test of independence, which implies a theoretical "cross-over" error rate of one in 131000 when a decision criterion is adopted that would equalize the false accept and false reject error rates. Expand
Error rate equations for the general biometric system
  • J. Wayman
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Robotics Autom. Mag.
  • 1999
It is established that biometric identification systems can be used in populations of 100 million people by derive equations for false-match and false-nonmatch error-rate prediction under the simplifying but limiting assumption of statistical independence of all errors. Expand
Automatic On-line Signature Verification
Whereas attempts to automate the verification of off-line signatures have fallen well short of human performance to this point, it is demonstrated that automatic on-line signature verification is feasible. Expand
Human and machine recognition of faces: a survey
A critical survey of existing literature on human and machine recognition of faces is presented, followed by a brief overview of the literature on face recognition in the psychophysics community and a detailed overview of move than 20 years of research done in the engineering community. Expand
Disguise Detection And Identification Using Infrared Imagery
Informal experiments have been performed which lend credence to the hypothesis that facial thermograms can be of substantial value in detection of disguises and in positive identification of knownExpand
Recent advances in speaker recognition
  • S. Furui
  • Computer Science
  • Pattern Recognit. Lett.
  • 1997
Recent advances in speaker recognition technology include VQ- and ergodic-HMM-based text-independent recognition methods, a text-prompted recognition method, parameter/distance normalization and model adaptation techniques, and methods of updating models and a priori thresholds in speaker verification. Expand