Biometric Feature based Person Unique Identification System

  title={Biometric Feature based Person Unique Identification System},
  author={T. S. Indi and S. Raut},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
  • T. S. Indi, S. Raut
  • Published 30 August 2012
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
A wide variety of systems require reliable and accurate personal identification system. Major goal of such systems is to provide access of an application to legitimate users only. Such a set of applications include, but not limited to, banking applications, military applications, hospital applications, digital library. Majority of systems have started shifting towards biometric features of human beings for personal unique identification. Most popular biometric feature used is Thumbprint or… Expand
Multimodal Biometric System Using K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
Biometric is the science and machinery of measuring and analyzing biological data of human carcass. It extracts a feature set from the acquired data, and comparing with template set in the database.Expand
Multimodal Biometric Face and Fingerprint Recognition Using Adaptive principal Component Analysis and Multilayer Perception.
This work examines the accuracy and performance of multimodal biometric authentication systems using state of the art Commercial Off- The-Shelf (COTS) products and proposes a reliable method for security and integrity of the biometrics data. Expand
A Soft Computing Technique for Improving the Fidelity of Thumbprints Based Identification Systems
Developing an advance feature for thumbprint based identificat ion systems with the help of soft computing and 2D transformation which makes the technique more flexib le and Fidel. Expand
Minutiae Fusion Based Framework for Thumbprint Identification of Identical Twins
This research paper presents minutiae coordinates and orientation angles fusion based technique for thumbprint identification of identical twins and observed in experiments that the proposed method is accurately differentiating the identical twins of self generated and FVC datasets. Expand
Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins Differences in Fingerprint Patterns of Swat District
ackground: The identification of individual is important for both legal and humanitarian reasons. It is of great importance because every individual exists as an entity in a society and is dealt withExpand


An introduction to biometric recognition
A brief overview of the field of biometrics is given and some of its advantages, disadvantages, strengths, limitations, and related privacy concerns are summarized. Expand
Fingerprint Recognition Using Minutia Score Matching
The proposed fingerprint verification FRMSM provides reliable and better performance than the existing technique and grows need to identify a person for security. Expand
A New Approach To Fingerprint Recognition
Fingerprint recognition continues to be the most widely used biometric system for security purposes. Still it is a complex pattern recognition problem. In this paper, a new approach for fingerprintExpand
Fingerprint Feature Extraction
A new fingerprint feature detection algorithm that can be used in matching the template for finding bifurcation and termination, and the new smoothing algorithm is proposed for the detection of the features of fingerprints. Expand
Fingerprint Verification System – A Fusion Approach
Fingerprint recognition is done using minutiae extraction in time domain method and using Discrete Cosine Transform in frequency domain method to implement fingerprint recognition system using minimum resources for online application. Expand
Fingerprint Verification based on fusion of Minutiae and Ridges using Strength Factors
Fingerprint Verification based on fusion of Minutiae and Ridges using Strength Factors (FVMRSF) is presented and has better matching percentage for different fingerprints compared to the existing algorithms. Expand
A minutiae-based matching algorithms in fingerprint recognition systems
This study presents advantages of the most importan t methods of minutiae-based matching algorithm in f ingerprint recognition systems. Minutia matching is the most p opular approach to fingerprintExpand
A fast parallel algorithm for thinning digital patterns
A fast parallel thinning algorithm is proposed in this paper. It consists of two subiterations: one aimed at deleting the south-east boundary points and the north-west corner points while the otherExpand
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