Biometric Cryptosystem for VoIP Security using RSA Key Generation


-This paper presents a narrative key generation scheme using biometric methodology for providing high security over the internet applications such as VoIP technology. The present work deals with modern computing systems security issues, focusing on biometric based asymmetric key generation process. The term VoIP refers-“voice over internet protocol (IP)” in which the “voice” to be transmitted using the internet protocol (IP). The major obstacle to this kind of data sharing is secure access. To deal this problem, this paper proposes a method called Biometric-Crypto system which generates a key from the finger print for both encryption and decryption of the voice data packets for VoIP Security. The key generation process has to be done using a powerful cryptographic algorithm RSA. The secret key is generated from the finger print image using asymmetric cryptographic algorithm RSA and the voice data packets are to be encrypted and decrypted using the secret key. So that only the intended recipient can access the data. This scheme ensures confidentiality for VoIP Technology.

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