Biomechanics of the human epiglottis.

  title={Biomechanics of the human epiglottis.},
  author={Bill Fink and Rick W Martin and Charles A. Rohrmann},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={87 5-6},
The mechanism that folds the epiglottis down over the closed larynx in the course of swallowing has been unclear. Measurements of the force needed to fold the epiglottis in cadaver specimens exceed the estimated force available from the aryepiglottic muscle. Frame-by-frame analysis of cinefluorograms reveals that deglutitional epiglottic downfolding occurs at the time of maximal elongation of the hyoepiglottic ligament. The observations lead us to propose a conical model of epiglottic… CONTINUE READING


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