Biomechanics of the Ilizarov external fixator.

  title={Biomechanics of the Ilizarov external fixator.},
  author={Frederick J. Kummer},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
The rigidity of the Ilizarov external fixator was evaluated by means of the techniques of Briggs and Chao, and compared to their findings for the Hoffman-Vidal external factor. A typical fibular fixator consisting of 8 crossed K wires and 4 rings with supporting struts was affixed to a fiberglass-filled epoxy bone fracture model. The ensemble was tested with an MTS servohydraulic testing machine in axial loading, bending (A-P, L-M), and torsion. Displacement transducers were placed on the frame… CONTINUE READING