Biomechanics of stabilization after cervicothoracic compression-flexion injury.

  title={Biomechanics of stabilization after cervicothoracic compression-flexion injury.},
  author={Christopher P. Ames and M Hakan Bozkus and Robert H Chamberlain and Frank L Acosta and Stephen M. Papadopoulos and Volker K. H. Sonntag and Neil R. Crawford},
  volume={30 13},
STUDY DESIGN Biomechanical laboratory research. OBJECTIVE To determine whether anterior, posterior, or combined instrumentation provides the best stability for treating a cervicothoracic compression-flexion injury. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA As the junction between the mobile cervical spine and rigid thoracic spine, the cervicothoracic junction poses unique challenges to the success of any fixation system spanning this region. Although posterior instrumentation is the preferred method of… CONTINUE READING


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