Biomechanics of injury in lateral impacts.

  title={Biomechanics of injury in lateral impacts.},
  author={David C. Viano and I. Lau and D V Andrzejak and C W Asbury},
  journal={Accident; analysis and prevention},
  volume={21 6},
Fourteen anesthetized swine were subjected to blunt lateral impact at velocities of 4.3, 6.7, or 8.2 m/s with a 15 cm flat pendulum weighing 23.4 kg accelerated to impact speed by a power-assisted pneumatic impactor. Injuries consisted of laceration of the liver and spleen resulting in severe hemoperitoneum and death by ventricular fibrillation and respiratory arrest in the highest severity impacts. Logist analysis of the biomechanical responses and serious or fatal injury indicated that the… CONTINUE READING

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