Biomechanical simulation of high-heeled shoe donning and walking.

  title={Biomechanical simulation of high-heeled shoe donning and walking.},
  author={Jia Yu and Jason Tak-Man Cheung and Duo Wai-Chi Wong and Yan Cong and Ming Zhang},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={46 12},
Footwear serves to protect the foot in various activities, to enhance athletic performance in sports and in many cases to fulfill aesthetic and cultural needs of urban society. Most women like wearing high-heeled shoes (HHS) for the benefit of sensuous attractiveness, while foot problems are often associated. Computational modeling based on finite element (FE) analysis is a useful tool for deep understanding of foot and footwear biomechanics and incorporating footwear with foot in the model is… CONTINUE READING