Biomechanical model of the human knee evaluated by neuromuscular stimulation.

  title={Biomechanical model of the human knee evaluated by neuromuscular stimulation.},
  author={Robert Riener and Jochen Quintern and G{\"u}nther K. Schmidt},
  journal={Journal of biomechanics},
  volume={29 9},
A detailed model of the human knee was developed to predict shank motion induced by functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS). A discrete-time model is used to characterize the relationship between stimulus parameters and muscle activation. A Hill-based model of the musculotendon actuator accounts for nonlinear static and dynamic properties of both muscle and tendon. Muscle fatigue and passive muscle viscosity are modeled in detail. Moment arms are computed from musculotendon paths of 13… CONTINUE READING
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