Biomechanical investigation of the hyoid bone using speckle interferometry

  title={Biomechanical investigation of the hyoid bone using speckle interferometry},
  author={Henryk T. Kasprzak and Halina Podbielska and Gert von Bally and Gerhard Fechner},
  journal={International Journal of Legal Medicine},
SummarySpeckle interferometry is a non-destructive measurement technique using a laser. The principles of the method are described. Human hyoid bones.(n = 10) were investigated. Loads were applied to individual points on the anterior surface of the body of hyoid bones. All hyoid bones showed an asymmetric displacement. The displacement was greatest in a plane vertical to the load. An evaluation of fracture behavior is possible due to the displacement pattern.ZusammenfassungDie Speckle… Expand
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connection with the age and bibliographical revision on the fractures of the hioides in forensic medicine.
It is suggested that it isnt possible to predict the state of fusion of the major cornua in subjects of known sex and age, and in cases of non union of majorCornua it shouldnt be supossed that fractures of the hyoid won't happen. Expand


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Investigations on 504 human hyoid bones show that there exist three main types, whose occurrence is, to a certain degree, sex-related. The junction between the body and the larger horns of the hyoidExpand
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