Biomechanical evaluation of periprosthetic femoral fracture fixation.

  title={Biomechanical evaluation of periprosthetic femoral fracture fixation.},
  author={Radovan Zdero and Richard Walker and James Patterson Waddell and Emil H. Schemitsch},
  journal={The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume},
  volume={90 5},
BACKGROUND A variety of methods are available for the fixation of femoral shaft fractures after total hip arthroplasty. However, few studies in the literature have quantified the performance of such repair constructs. The aim of this study was to evaluate biomechanically four different constructs for the fixation of periprosthetic femoral shaft fractures following total hip arthroplasty. METHODS Twenty synthetic femora were tested in axial compression, lateral bending, and torsion to… CONTINUE READING


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