Biomechanical efficiency of wrist guards as a shock isolator.

  title={Biomechanical efficiency of wrist guards as a shock isolator.},
  author={Il-Kyu Hwang and Kyu-Jung Kim and Kenton R. Kaufman and William P. Cooney and Kai-Nan An},
  journal={Journal of biomechanical engineering},
  volume={128 2},
Despite the use of wrist guards during skate- and snowboard activities, fractures still occur at the wrist or at further proximal locations of the forearm. The main objectives of this study were to conduct a human subject testing under simulated falling conditions for measurement of the impact force on the hand, to model wrist guards as a shock isolator, to construct a linear mass-spring-damper model for quantification of the impact force attenuation (Q-ratio) and energy absorption (S-ratio… CONTINUE READING