Biomarkers to identify sputum eosinophilia in different adult asthma phenotypes.


Several biomarkers have been used to assess sputum eosinophilia in asthma. It has been suggested that the diagnostic accuracy of these biomarkers might differ between asthma phenotypes. We investigated the accuracy of biomarkers in detecting sputum eosinophilia (≥3%) in different adult asthma phenotypes.Levels of eosinophils in blood and sputum, exhaled nitric oxide fraction (FeNO) and total immunoglobulin (Ig)E from 336 adult patients, enrolled in three prospective observational clinical trials and recruited at five pulmonology outpatient departments, were analysed. Areas under the receiver operating characteristics curves (AUC) for detecting sputum eosinophilia were calculated and compared between severe and mild, obese and nonobese, atopic and nonatopic and (ex-)smoking and never-smoking asthma patients.Sputum eosinophilia was present in 116 patients (35%). In the total group the AUC was 0.83 (95% CI 0.78-0.87) for blood eosinophils, 0.82 (0.77-0.87) for FeNO and 0.69 (0.63-0.75) for total IgE. AUCs were similar for blood eosinophils and FeNO between different phenotypes. Total IgE was less accurate in detecting sputum eosinophilia in atopic and obese patients than in nonatopic and nonobese patients.Blood eosinophils and FeNO had comparable diagnostic accuracy (superior to total IgE) in identifying sputum eosinophilia in adult asthma patients, irrespective of asthma phenotype such as severe, nonatopic, obese and smoking-related asthma.

DOI: 10.1183/09031936.00012415

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