Biomarkers of senescence during aging as possible warnings to use preventive measures.

  title={Biomarkers of senescence during aging as possible warnings to use preventive measures.},
  author={Amin Gasmi and Salvatore Chirumbolo and Massimiliano Peana and Pavan Kumar Mujawdiya and Maryam Dadar and Alain Menzel and Geir Bjorklund},
  journal={Current medicinal chemistry},
Human life expectancy is increasing significantly over time thanks to the improved possibility of taking care of themselves and the higher availability of food, drugs, hygiene, services, and assistance. The increase in the average age of the population worldwide is, however, becoming a real concern, since aging is associated with the rapid increase in chronic inflammatory pathologies and degenerative diseases, very frequently dependent on senescent phenomena that occur alongside with senescence… 

Selenium: An Antioxidant with a Critical Role in Anti-Aging

This review highlights the available studies on the effective role of Se in aging mechanisms and shows the potential clinical implications related to its consumption, and the main sources of organic Se and the advantages of its nanoformulations were discussed.

Bcl-xL as a Modulator of Senescence and Aging

How Bcl-xL could modulate senescence-associated harmful effects in centenarians, protecting them from the burden of accumulation of senescent cells is discussed.

Coenzyme Q10 in aging and disease.

Oral supplementation with high doses of CoQ10 can increase both its circulating and intracellular levels and several clinical trials observed that its administration provided beneficial effects on different disorders such as cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

The Role of Astaxanthin as a Nutraceutical in Health and Age-Related Conditions

An up-to-date analysis of scientific data on astaxanthin sources and experimental studies on its health benefits as a potent antioxidant in the aging process shows that ASX possesses important nutraceutical applications and health benefits, especially in healthy aging processes.

Functionalized Graphene Oxide Thin Films for Anti-tumor Drug Delivery to Melanoma Cells

The fabrication of functional GON bio-coatings by Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation (MAPLE) to be used as drug carriers for targeting melanoma cells and demonstrated the successful immobilization for each drug-containing GON-BSA assembling systems.