Bioluminescent microcapsules: applications in activating a photosensitizer.

  title={Bioluminescent microcapsules: applications in activating a photosensitizer.},
  author={Jie Zhao and Jinbo Fei and Liang Gao and Wei Cui and Yang Yang and Anhe Wang and Junbai Li},
  volume={19 14},
Bioluminescent microcapsules uploading D-luciferin have been fabricated by using the covalent assembly of firefly luciferase and alginate dialdehyde through a layer-by-layer technique. Such assembled microcapsules can produce visible light in the region of 520-680 nm, which can activate the photosensitizers rose bengal (RB) and hypocrellin B (HB) after adding ATP. The microcapsules uploading photosensitizers (RB or HB) have an obvious property to prevent the proliferation of tumor cells in the… CONTINUE READING