Biology and ecology of toxigenic Penicillium species.

  title={Biology and ecology of toxigenic Penicillium species.},
  author={John I Pitt},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
  • John I Pitt
  • Published 2002 in Advances in experimental medicine and biology
Many Penicillium species produce mycotoxins. The importance of these toxic compounds varies widely, and is governed as much by the biology and ecology of the species concerned as by the inherent toxicity of the compounds themselves. For example, P. citreonigrum and P. islandicum make potent toxins, but as both species are rare in nature, the toxins are not important. Although P. janthinellum and P. simplicissimum are very widely distributed and make potent toxins, these species are rarely found… CONTINUE READING


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