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Biology Population And Exploitation Rate Of Coral Trout (Plectropomus Leopardus) Spermonde Island South Sulawesi

  title={Biology Population And Exploitation Rate Of Coral Trout (Plectropomus Leopardus) Spermonde Island South Sulawesi},
  author={Ernaningsih Ernaningsih and B. Budimawan and N. Nessa and S. Sudirman},
Coral trout (Plectropomus leopardus) was one of the export commodity especially alive coral grouper. Coral grouper fishing in Spermonde Island had been carried out by fishermen continuously that could interfere sustainable potential and led to excess fishing. The research aimed to find out population parameters and exploitation rate of coral grouper. The result of the research would provide information in sustainable resource managementin Spermonde Island. The research method was total length… Expand

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