Biology , Ecology , andManagement of BrownMarmorated Stink Bug ( Hemiptera : Pentatomidae )

  title={Biology , Ecology , andManagement of BrownMarmorated Stink Bug ( Hemiptera : Pentatomidae )},
  author={Kevin B. Rice and Chris Bergh and Erik Bergmann and Dave J. Biddinger and Christine Dieckhoff and Galen P Dively and Hannah Fraser and Tara D Gariepy and George H. Hamilton and Tim Haye and Ames Herbert and Kim A. Hoelmer and Cerruti R. R. Hooks and Ashley Jones and Greg Krawczyk and Thomas P Kuhar and Holly Martinson and William Mitchell and Anne L. Nielsen and Doug G. Pfeiffer and Michael J. Raupp and Cesar Rodriguez-Saona and Peter B. Shearer and Paula M. Shrewsbury and P Dilip Venugopal and Joanne Whalen and Nik G. Wiman and Tracy C. Leskey and John F. Tooker},
Brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys Stål, is an invasive, herbivorous insect species that was accidentally introduced to the United States from Asia. First discovered in Allentown, PA, in 1996, H. halys has now been reported from at least 40 states in the United States. Additional invasions have been detected in Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, and Lichtenstein, suggesting this invasive species could emerge as a cosmopolitan pest species. In its native range,H. halys is… CONTINUE READING


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