Biology, Ecology, and Management of the Diamondback Moth in China.

  title={Biology, Ecology, and Management of the Diamondback Moth in China.},
  author={Zhenyu Li and Xia Feng and Shu-Sheng Liu and Minsheng You and Michael John Furlong},
  journal={Annual review of entomology},
The diamondback moth (DBM), Plutella xylostella (L.), costs the Chinese economy US$0.77 billion annually, and considerable research has focused on its biology, ecology, and management. Much of this research has been published locally and is inaccessible outside China. Since 1990 Brassica vegetable production has increased 20-fold and production practices have intensified, but losses continue to increase. Insecticide use is widespread and many DBM populations, particularly in southern provinces… CONTINUE READING

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