Biological studies of the date stone beetle,Coccotr ypes dactyliperda

  title={Biological studies of the date stone beetle,Coccotr ypes dactyliperda},
  author={Daniel Blumberg and Moshe Kehat},
The date stone beetle,Coccotrypes dactyliperda F. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), is a primary pest of green unripe dates. The adult beetle chews a characteristically round hole in the fruit, which results in the druit dropping 1 or 2 days later. Egglaying and entire development occur within galleries produced by the female in the date stone; males are unable to penetrate the stones. In laboratory cultures and in field-collected date stones, the beetle adult females were predominant (85-93… Expand

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Über den SteinnußborkenkäferCoccotrypes dactyliperda F.borkenkäferCoccotrypes dactyliperda F.
  • A. Herfs
  • Biology
  • Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde
  • 2005
Vollentwicklung war nach unseren Versuchen aber mehr gelegentlich and in geringerem Umfang mogiieh in : Erdniissen, siif3en Mandeln, Haselnussen and in einem Fall auch in der Walnul3, aus der ein einziges Mannchen von winziger Grope gezogen werden konnte. Expand
Pests and diseases of the date palm.
Plant pests of Israel
Development of population and control of Carpophilus dimidiatus F . , C . hemipterus L . and Coccotrypes dactyliperda F . in dates
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The role of Coccotrypes dactyliperda F
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