Biological significance of circulating polyamines in oncology.

  title={Biological significance of circulating polyamines in oncology.},
  author={J. P. Moulinoux and V{\'e}ronique Quemener and Na{\"i}m A Khan},
  journal={Cellular and molecular biology},
  volume={37 8},
Malignant cell proliferation is associated with an increase intracellular polyamine metabolism which itself appears to be in equilibrium with the extracellular circulating polyamine compartments. Erythrocyte polyamine contents may be used clinically as an index of cell proliferation, but the exact biological roles of circulating polyamines, considered as physio(patho)logical parameters involved in the homeostatic(dys)regulation of cell proliferation, remain obscure. It is known that circulating… CONTINUE READING
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