Biological evaluation of substance P antagonists.

  title={Biological evaluation of substance P antagonists.},
  author={Karl Folkers and Rolf H{\aa}kanson and J A H{\"o}rig and Jiachao C Xu and Stefan Leander},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={83 2},
Five undeca- and six C-terminal heptapeptide substance P (SP) analogues were tested for their capacity to block the contractile effect of SP on the guinea-pig isolated taenia coli. They had one feature in common, namely substitutions in positions 7 and 9 in the SP molecule. In the majority of analogues D-tryptophan was used for these substitutions. All analogues tested were found to be competitive antagonists to exogenous SP and to be capable of blocking the electrically induced non-cholinergic… CONTINUE READING
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