Biological characterization of long-term cultured human mesenchymal stem cells.

  title={Biological characterization of long-term cultured human mesenchymal stem cells.},
  author={Jiseon Kim and Jin Wook Kang and Jae Hyun Park and Youngju Choi and Kyung Suk Choi and Ki Dae Park and Dae Hyun Baek and Su Kyoung Seong and Hong-Ki Min and Hyung Soo Kim},
  journal={Archives of pharmacal research},
  volume={32 1},
Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) have generated a great deal of interest in clinical applications. The reason is that they may have the plasticity needed to differentiate into multiple lineages and the ability to expand ex vivo. For the therapeutic applications of hMSCs to be of practical use, it is crucial to assess the efficacy and safety of hMSCs in long-term ex vivo expansion. In this study, we cultured hMSCs by population doubling (PD) 60, and investigated their growth, osteogenic and… CONTINUE READING

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