Biological aggressiveness of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)-positive gastric cancer.

  title={Biological aggressiveness of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)-positive gastric cancer.},
  author={Sumiya Ishigami and Shoji Natsugoe and Hiroshi Nakashima and Koki Tokuda and Akihiro Nakajo and Hiroshi Okumura and Masataka Matsumoto and Saburo Nakashima and Shuichi Hokita and Takashi Aikou},
  volume={53 69},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)-positive gastric cancer (APGC) which occupied well-defined gastric cancer entity, reportedly has an aggressive behavior with hematogenous metastasis. However, little information regarding the clinicopathological and biological behaviors of APGC is available due to the small size of reported series. METHODOLOGY We retrospectively analyzed the clinical features of APGC in 556 patients with gastric cancer who underwent preoperative measurement of serum AFP… CONTINUE READING


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