Biological activity of tropolone.

  title={Biological activity of tropolone.},
  author={Yasuhiro Morita and Eiko Matsumura and Toshihiro Okabe and Mitsunobu Shibata and Masaaki Sugiura and Tatsuhiko Ohe and Hiroshi Tsujibo and Nakao Ishida and Yoshihiko Inamori},
  journal={Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={26 10},
Tropolone (1). showed strong insecticidal activity on Tyrophagus putrescentiae and Dermatophagoides farinae. The insecticidal effect of 1 on both insects was stronger than that of hinokitiol (2, 4-isopropyltropolone: major component of Thujopsis dolabrata SIEB. et ZUCC. hondai MAKINO). The insecticidal activity of both compounds was higher than that of N,N… CONTINUE READING