Biological Effects of the 1997 / 98 ENSO in Cook Inlet , Alaska

  title={Biological Effects of the 1997 / 98 ENSO in Cook Inlet , Alaska},
  author={John F Piatt and Gary Drew and Thomas I. van Pelt and Alisa Abookire and April Nielsen and Mike Shultz and Alexander Stanislav Kitaysky}
We have been conducting detailed studies of the biology of seabirds in relation to oceanography and forage fish ecology in lower Cook Inlet, Alaska, since 1995. This fortuitously allowed us to document biological effects of the 1997/98 ENSO in this region. Anomalously warm sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were observed in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) beginning in June of 1997, but not in Cook Inlet until September, 1997. Warm temperature anomalies at the surface and at depth persisted until May of… CONTINUE READING