Biological Activity and Pharmacological Application of Pectic Polysaccharides: A Review

  title={Biological Activity and Pharmacological Application of Pectic Polysaccharides: A Review},
  author={S. T. Minzanova and V. Mironov and D. Arkhipova and A. Khabibullina and L. G. Mironova and Yulia Zakirova and V. Milyukov},
  • S. T. Minzanova, V. Mironov, +4 authors V. Milyukov
  • Published 2018
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Polymers
  • Pectin is a polymer with a core of alternating α-1,4-linked d-galacturonic acid and α-1,2-l-rhamnose units, as well as a variety of neutral sugars such as arabinose, galactose, and lesser amounts of other sugars. Currently, native pectins have been compared to modified ones due to the development of natural medicines and health products. In this review, the results of a study of the bioactivity of pectic polysaccharides, including its various pharmacological applications, such as its… CONTINUE READING
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