Biolasol: novel perfusion and preservation solution for kidneys.

  title={Biolasol: novel perfusion and preservation solution for kidneys.},
  author={Lech D Cierpka and Florian Ryszka and Barbara Dolińska and Zdzisław Smorąg and Ryszard Słomski and Ryszard Wiaderkiewicz and Artur Caban and Grzegorz Budziński and Grzegorz Oczkowicz and Jarosław Wieczorek},
  journal={Transplantation proceedings},
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INTRODUCTION Biolasol solution (Pharmaceutical Research and Production Plant "Biochefa," Sosnowiec, Poland) is a novel extracellular perfusion and ex vivo hypothermic kidney preservation solution. It ensures maintenance of homeostasis, reduces tissue edema, has low viscosity, and allows the graft to preserve structural and functional integrity. It minimizes… CONTINUE READING