Bioinspired Synthesis of Juglorubin from Juglomycin C.

  title={Bioinspired Synthesis of Juglorubin from Juglomycin C.},
  author={Shogo Kamo and Kouji Kuramochi and Kazunori Tsubaki},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={20 4},
In this paper, the synthesis of juglorubin, a natural red dye, from juglomycin C, a plausible biogenetic precursor, is reported. Sequential intermolecular and intramolecular Michael additions of juglomycin C, oxidation, and skeletal transformation proceeded in phosphate buffer to afford an undehydrated derivative of juglorubin. Subsequent dehydration of the secondary alcohol afforded juglorubin. The one-pot synthesis of juglorubin from juglomycin C was also achieved. The photophysical… 
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Various tetrahydrocyclopenta derivatives containing contiguous quaternary carbon centers are obtained in good yields with excellent diastereoselectivities and the asymmetric version gave the chiral product in up to 57% ee under catalysis of Kwon chiral phosphine.