Biohazards Symbol: Development of a Biological Hazards Warning Signal

  title={Biohazards Symbol: Development of a Biological Hazards Warning Signal},
  author={Charles L. Baldwin and Robert S. Runkle},
  pages={264 - 265}
The need for a symbol to warn of potential infection hazards became apparent during Public Health Service contract work on the development of containment facilities for virus-leukemia research. A program of direct inquiry and a search of the literature revealed that there was no universally used signal and that scientific and safety organizations concurred in the need for one. Criteria for symbol design were established, and final selection was based on "uniqueness" and "memorability." The… 
Control of Biohazards: A High Performance Energetic Polycyclized Iodine-Containing Biocide.
A synthetically useful fused tricyclic iodine-rich compound, 2,6-diiodo-3,5-dinitro-4,9-dihydrodipyrazolo with good detonation performance was synthesized, characterized, and its properties determined.
Management of biohazards: An occupational need
This review presents development of waste management policies, plans and protocols in addition to establishing training programs on proper waste management for all healthcare workers.
Wolf Howling and Emergency Sirens: A Hypothesis of Natural and Technical Convergence of Aposematic Signals
It is hypothesized that the effectivity of sirens as warning signals has been enhanced by natural sensory predisposition of humans to get alerted by howling of wolves, with which they have a long history of coexistence.
A History of the American Biological Safety Association Part II: Safety Conferences 1966–1977
The first decade of biological safety conferences (Barbeito, 1997) were, to say the least, informal, congenial and informative, and started a precedent by which mutual safety problems were discussed
Growing monstrous organisms: the construction of anti-GMO visual rhetoric through digital media
ABSTRACT This paper explores the international controversy over genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We argue that the uncommonly high levels of opposition to genetically modified food in both the
Strategies of Resistance: Visual Depictions of Genetically Modified Organisms
This chapter focuses on the way in which visuals are used to depict GMOs in Europe and the USA. This chapter analyzes the cultural level of resistance to sound science, particularly focusing on the
Biosafety of Plant Research in Greenhouses and Other Specialized Containment Facilities
Plant research discussed in this chapter is conducted in specialized facilities that allow for plant growth and manipulation, collectively referred to here as containment facilities, that serve as places for growing plants under controlled conditions.
The Development and Testing of Potential Music Piracy Warnings
Under certain guidelines, the graphic elements and the referent that is conveyed by the image must be taken into consideration to determine concreteness, even if the image represents physical objects.
Iconografías en prensa digital sobre la pandemia de COVID-19: un retrato cultural del coronavirus en España en abril de 2020
The pandemic that has affected a globalized world like the contemporary one in 2020 has a communicative aspect that is, fundamentally, graphic, of representation or illustration, which is the object