[Biography of Dr. Enrique Pérez Castro (1908-1980)].


OBJECTIVES With the occasion of the Centenary of Dr. Enrique Pérez Castro's birth, being a relevant figure in our speciality in the second half of the 20th century, we performed a study of the urological environment in which his life was developed and collect the main data about his life and works with the aim of paying tribute to his memory as a great personality in urology. METHODS We review the books of History of Urology, his writings and the journal Archivos Españoles de Urología during the period of his directorship and as many references related to him as we found. RESULTS/CONCLUSIONS He had a brilliant academic curriculum; he trained urology in the best centres. He lived in Madrid, his birth place, were his entire professional career developed, in the Hospital Provincial, where he was the chairman of urology, and the Central University where he was associated professor. He liked to study, and had researcher spirit; his works, which had great quality--he received several prizes--are clearly exposed, with a fine style, always with an extensive bibliography We emphasize his main merit, the foundation of the journal Archivos Españoles de Urología, a fruit of his personality, his organizing capacity and scientific restlessness, of which he was editor and directed with eagerness and dedication during 36 years and, thanks to his tenacity, he consolidated it as the reference of the Spanish urology.

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